Why do we need to re-imagine the future trends of the publishing industry?

The impact of the digital transformation on the publishing business has highlighted the many possibilities, and the challenges, of how new technologies are reshaping the book industry. Currently, we see that digital revenues are increasing, but traditional textbooks and supplementary income from print still dominatet in educational publishing. In the consumer mass-market, e-book sales have decreased, and paper books started to grow again.

Why is this so? What are the lessons to be learned for the future of the publishing industry? Why are developments of books in the digital age totally different from newspapers and magazines? Is digital still the main perspective for the future of publishing?

Is the increase in sales of paper books temporary, or the new norm? Is the decline of e-books temporary, due to “digital consumer fatigue”, or an irreversible trend? Meanwhile, in professional publishing, digital earnings clearly outsize revenues from print. Is this also a possible perspective for educational publishing? What are the barriers in digital transformation of educational publishing ?

At the same time, we believe that the globalization in publishing is irreversible.But as the process of globalization is confronting major challenges today, too, what does this make of publishing?

What can we make of these new trends and contexts in the transformation and globalization of the publishing industry? How can we anticipate and forecast the future of the publishing industry? To cope with the new and ever more complex situations, we need clear perpsectives and farsightedness.

On the occasion of the Ranking of the release of the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry (“Top 50” in 2016 in China, 2016 Bookdao.com, Livres Hebdo and RWCC are jointly organizing the Global Top 50 Publishing Summit. We will invite the leaders of top publishing groups, as they very much care about the future of the publishing industry, and they develop bold visions as they will discuss these key issues and share their insights with the wider professional publishing community.

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